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Welcome To Fairview! 

Fairview Christian Church is a community where people can connect with Jesus, engage in life-giving community, and experience the power of the gospel being declared! We believe in creating a space where people can have authentic encounters with Christ, discover their gifts and use them for God's glory. Join us for our Sunday services and let us help you get connected!

When we Meet

Sunday Morning
Sunday Evening
8am Adult Classes
9 am Birth -12th Grade Classes & Adult Classes
10:30 am Birth -5th Grade Classes
9am & 10:30 am Celebration Services
5:30 pm Awaken (6-12 Grade Students- offered during the school year)
6 pm Adult Chapel Hour 

What To Expect On Sunday Morning

At Fairview we don't have a dress code or an expectation that you "have it all together" before you come. Our attendees come in anything from their "Sunday best" to blue jeans and a t-shirt. We offer a great environment for your kids from Birth to 12th Grade to grow in God's Word, but if your family choses to sit together in service and that's fine too! If your little one gets restless or you would like a more private place to care for your child during the service,  we offer a Family Room just off our Celebration Center with video feed from the service.

What does a Sunday Morning Service typically look like?
Services are at 9am and 10:30am. Each service lasts about 60 minutes and offers the same Message & Worship at each service. Our Worship time is a combination of traditional hymns & gospel songs with newer Praise songs like you might hear on the radio, all accompanied by musical instruments. We take Communion together weekly for those who are professed followers of Christ. Currently due to continued COVID practices you can pick up your Communion Elements with your Bulletin at the table by the Cafe area when you arrive. We don't offer a set time during the service to take Offerings, but have secured Offering Boxes located on the wall by the Church Office and also just inside several of the doors of the Celebration Center. We encourage those who want to give to do so at anytime during the morning.

What can my kids do on a Sunday morning?
When you walk in the front doors, our Children's Check-In is straight ahead, just past the Cafe area. We use a secure check in system for all kids ages Birth-5th Grade and keep our Children's area doors secured during the services. If you need to pick up your child early just contact a member of our Response Team located at the Security Desk in the foyer and they will open the doors for you.
9 am- Birth-5th Grade kids will find a great team to lead them in age appropriate Worship & Lessons in a God centered environment while diving into God's Word. For your 6-12th Grade students Open Bible is offered  in The Alley (6-8th Grade) and in the Chapel (9th-12th Grade). At Open Bible your student will have the opportunity to dive deep into God's Word and have open discussion about how God's Word applies to our lives today.
10:30 am- Birth-5th Grade kids will find a great team to lead them in age appropriate Worship & Lessons in a God centered environment while diving into God's Word. Those who have already attended during the 9 am Service will have a chance to go to a small group time to dive further into the lesson and God's Word.

What do you offer for Adults on Sunday morning?
8 am- We offer a class for those ages 65 and older in the Chapel.
9 am- Various classes are offered for Adults of multiple age groups. Please feel free to check out any and all of these classes to find the right group for you. Each class covers different topics and books of the Bible as determined by that class leader. For locations of classes please check with the Security Desk and our Response Team can direct you.

Do you offer Fellowship opportunities outside of a Sunday school class?
When you enter the front doors you will see our Cafe Area ahead and to your right. At the Connection Cafe you will find hot & cold coffee drinks along with smoothies and muffins available for purchase. Free drip coffee is also available at the Coffee Bar along the wall next to the Cafe. All proceeds from the Cafe go to their operating costs and various ministries/missions that they support on a rotating basis. Many of our church body like to come a little early and have a cup of coffee while enjoying fellowship with others.

How do I connect with someone from the church?
In our Foyer and Celebration Center you will find our Connecting Points. At the Connecting Points you can find out more about what is going on at Fairview and ask questions about why we do what we do. You can also fill out a Connection Card to help us connect with you and find out how your experience with us was and how we can better serve you. If your a first time visitor we also have a free gift to to give you to say Thank You for spending time with us.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about your upcoming visit. We can't wait to meet you! 

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